Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sightings for Sunday February 12th

I was out with Eve Marshall around St-Clet this morning looking at Snowy Owls (Harfang des neiges) (Montee Ste-Marie, rangSte-Julie). I did a little look before she arrived and saw six, we then located at least three which gave good views, especially the last. I get the impression that the birds are on the move, I suspect that the St-Clet area is staging point as the go north, they were certainly very active today although part of that will be a response to the colder weather.

A couple of photos from today are on my blog at - Mark Dennis
St-Léon-le-Grand 621 rang Lamy: Red-headed Woodpecker (Pic à tête rouge)
We also saw 10 gray partridge along the road, just before the village.

nous avons observé aussi dix Perdrix grises le long de la route, peu avant  le village. - Maurice Raymond, Peter Lane

Lac-St-Paul:  A morning in the forest in the municipality of Lac-St-Paul including a march on Pine lake produced about 100 billed White-winged Crossbills, 75 Pine siskins, Common Redpolls 100, 1 Hoary redpoll, 45 Evening grosbeaks, 12 Purple finch, 40 Blue jays, 40 Black-capped chickadees, 30 red-breasted nuthatches, 1 Downy Woodpecker, 2 Common ravens

Bonjour Une avant-midi en forêt dans la municipalité de Lac-St-Paul dont une marche sur le lac des Pins a donné Environ 100 bec-croisés bifasciés, 75 tarins des pins, 100 sizerins flammés, 1 sizerin blanchatre, 45 gros-becs errants, 12 roselins pourprés, 40 geais bleus, 40 mésanges à tête noire, 30 sittelles à poitrine rousse, 1 pic mineur, 2 grands corbeaux - Marc-Antoine Montpetit
Ste-Brigide d’Iberville: 3 Eurasian collared doves across from 415 rte 104
3 tourterelles turques en face du 415 route 104 Mont St-Grégoire, Rue Édéas Boucher: Harris sparrow (bruant à face noire)
Chateauguay, rue Higgins: 2 Red-bellied woodpeckers, Carolina wrem
2 pic à ventre roux, troglodyte de Caroline - Denis Collins PHOTOS

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