Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bird Protect Quebec "Field Trip Report" November 10

Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Morgan Arboretum

A glorious, crisp and sunny morning - so nice that even if we had seen no birds at all we would have had a wonderful time just being there.

Some 30 birders turned out (plus or minus a couple who came and went) and walked the red and yellow trails plus diversions. Stretches of the route were quite quiet while others were hopping with activity and the day turned out to be very productive indeed with some nice surprises.

The advance notice of the trip mentioned that we were hoping to see the Red-bellied Woodpecker ... well, we didn't BUT, Betsy was out before us and did get it and along the trail we walked too. Such are the joys of serendipitous birding. Highlights for the group included two Ravens and a Red-tailed Hawk circling around each other as they soared high above us, two Barred Owls (one beside the red trail and one at eye level right beside the edge of the larches in the small field north of Chalet Pruche - posing for the photographers), and a small group of White-winged Crossbills cracking seed from larch cones just above our heads beside the "Bobolink field".

We had a division amongst as to bird of the day and so we awarded the honour equally to the cooperative eye-level Owl and to the Crossbills.

The list for the morning was as follows: House Finch 1, White-breasted Nuthatch 6, Blue Jay 12, American Crow 8, Mourning Doves >20, Pileated Woodpeckers 4, American Robin 20, Black-capped Chickadee >50, European Starling 3, American Goldfinch 12, Barred Owl 2, Brown Creeper 1, Downy Woodpecker 6, Hairy Woodpecker 6, White-winged Crossbill 4, Canada Geese 50 (+ another 200 on the campus fields), Rough-legged Hawk 1, Ring-billed Gull 3, Golden-crowned Kinglet 2, Dark-eyed Junco 5, Northern Cardinal 2, Red-tailed Hawk 1 (+ 1 just outside the arboretum beside the highway), Common Raven 3, Pine Siskin 1

Roselin familier 1, Sittelle à poitrine blanche 6, Geai bleu 12, Corneille d'Amérique 8, Tourterelles tristes> 20, Grand Pic 4, Merle d'Amérique 20, Mésange à tête noire> 50, Étourneau sansonnet 3, Chardonneret jaune 12, Chouette rayée 2, Grimpereau brun 1, Pic mineur 6, Pic chevelu 6, Bec-croisé bifascié 4, Bernache du Canada 50 (+ 200 autres sur les champs de campus), Buse pattue 1, Goéland à bec cerclé 3, Roitelet à couronne dorée 2, Junco ardoisé 5, Cardinal rouge 2, Buse à queue rousse 1 (+ 1 juste à l'extérieur de l'arboretum à côté de l'autoroute), Grand corbeau 3, Tarin des pins 1

To which we should add Betsy's observations: Red-bellied Woodpecker, Evening Grosbeak, Common Redpoll, Red-bellied Nuthatch

Pic à ventre roux, Gros-bec errant, Sizerin flammé, Sittelle à poitrine rousse- Richard

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