Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sightings for February 19th & 20

Friday February 20th
Bald Eagle (Pygargue à tête blanche) just outside Chute St. Phillipe on Route 311, at around 10:15 a.m. this past Friday, Feb 20.Interestingly, it was among a group of ravens and a totally unexpected sighting. I'm guessing they were eating road kill or they were helping themselves to the eagle's kill. Unfortunately I was a passenger in a vehicle and was unable to stop - Terri Huff

Thursday February 19th

This morning there was a young female Snowy Owl (Harfang des neiges) on a utility pole at the western end of Chemin Sainte-Julie where it meets Montee Sainte-Marie. So at least one bird is still hanging around and there are probably others to be found if you have the time to look.
Some of the Horned Larks of the area have also taken up their spring stations and can now be found in scattered singles and pairs.
All the best - Lance

Mascouche, chemin de la Cabane-Ronde: Great gray owl (Chouette lapone) - Luc Laberge

Île d'Orléans, chemin Royal à Saint-Pierre: Northern hawk owl (Chouette épervière) - Fabien Létourneau

Saint-Irénée (Charlevoix) intersection rang Madeleine & route de l'aéroport: Northern hawk owl in a tree beside the road. Great gray owl has also been seen here
Chouette épervière sur un arbre près de la route. Au même endroit que les Chouettes lapones, abondantes dans ce coin - Michel Paul Côté

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