Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bird Protection Quebec's Field Trip Report for Saturday February 7th

11 birders braved the -16 bone chilling temperatures to observe 16 species of birds in Hudson this morning. Although the number of species was not high the flock numbers were, which made Bohemian waxwing and Pine siskin birds of the day.

Thanks to those who participated and to Wayne for his help.
Here is our complete list

Great-black- gull 3, Downy woodpecker 2, Blue jay 12, American crow 12, Black-capped chickadee 24, White-breasted nuthatch 8, American robin 2, Bohemian waxwing 300, American tree sparrow 1, Dark-eyed junco 3, Northern cardinal 10, Pine grosbeak 24, Common redpoll 11, Pine siskin 150, American goldfinch 40, House sparrow 2 - Barbara MacDuff

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