Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sightings for Thursday April 3rd

I just came back from a last check on the Verdun waterfront and Île des Soeurs before Saturday's field trip. At Île des Soeurs I was amazed at how fast the ice along the shore had completely melted. There were some duck species Hooded and Common Mergansers, etc. Harles – couronné et Grand), and one immature, probably 2nd winter, Glaucous Gull (Goéland bourgmestre), Song Sparrows (Bruant chanteur) and Red-winged Blackbirds (Carouge à épaulettes) were singing while American Robins (Merles d’Amérique) were «laughing». At Verdun, the male Canvasback (Fuligule à dos blanc), was still there, but I could not find his female partner from last week. There were still plenty of Scaups (both species) (Fuligules (Petit et milouinan), and a few Ring-necked ducks (Fuligules à Collier) along with Buffleheads (Petit Garrot), American Wigeons, Gadwalls (Canards - d’Amérique, chipeau) etc. For those of you interested in coming on Saturday, you would need to wear appropriate footwear for melting snow, water, mud, anything you can thing of, etc. - Diane Demers

Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, marina Gosselin, at the end of 67th Ave – 5 Mute swans (Cygnes tuberculés) - Yves Payette et des membres du COMIR

Boucherville, 26 Jean-Cadieux: European goldfinch (Chardonneret élégant) - Pierre Casavant

Ste-Martine, at the dam: Graylag goose (Oie cendrée) au barrage de Ste-Martine - Denis Collins
(Micheline Ouellet et Luc Laberge)

Godmanchester, montée Smellie 10am et 1pm: 7 Red-tailed hawks (Buse à queue rousse), 6 Rough-legged hawks (Buse pattue)(2 foncé, 4 pâle), 1 Red-shouldered hawk (Buse à épaulette), 7 Turkey vultures (Urubu à tête rouge), 1 Cooper’s hawk (Épervier de cooper), Northern harrier (Busard St-Martin) mâle, 4 Bald eagles (Pygargue à tête blanche), 1 Golden eagle (Aigle royal), Robins (Merles) (150+), Killdeer (Pluvier kildir) (50+), Song sparrow (Bruants chanteur) (8), 1000’s Snow geese (Oies des neiges) & Canada geese (Bernaches du Canada), 100’s Snow buntings (Bruants des neiges), Horned larks (Alouettes hausse-col), 2 Common redpolls (Sizerins flammés) - Simon Chaloux

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