Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bird Protection Quebec's Field Trip Report – April 12th


Hi everyone who stayed in bed this morning, you did the right thing. We arrived at Baie du Febvre at 0815H, it rained all the way. At Baie duFebvre the rain was intensified by the wind. Like Wednesday there are no geese in the fields only a few ducks. The fields on rue Janelle are snow free and flooded. The two ponds are still frozen. We saw, like Wednesday, about 15 Killdeer, a few ring-billed gulls, mallards, pintails. On the way north on the 255, we saw thousands of geese flying south,they know better. OH I was forgetting, nobody came, we waited till 0850H and left. On the way out a little group arrived, form another club, who were trying tol ook in the field through the windows because of the strong, easterly wind. On the way back on highway 20 we saw thousands of geese in thef ields, can't stop to look. During the next week it should start to pick up, they are not too far. See you all on another trip.

Clémence Soulard and Jean Demers

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