Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sightings for Thursday January 3

Laval, rivière des Mille Îles: I refound the Great commorant found yesterday by Louise Dumont. Around 9am it was on Laval side - rue Dessureaux, between rue Dessureaux and the Terrebonne bridge.
rivière des Mille Îles: J'ai retrouvé le Grand Cormoran trouvé hier par Louise Dumont. Vers 9hrs il etait du cote de Laval a la hauteur de la rue Dessureaux, entre la rue Dessureaux et le pont de Terrebonne - Georges Lachane
Saint-Lazare: The Great Gray Owl (Chouette lapone) reported from Saint-Lazare a few days ago was seen again today at about 4:00 PM. The location was along Montee Saint-Lazare, roughly 200m south of the intersection with Rue des Loisiers. The bird was perched atop a roadside tree where it sat for several minutes before flying across the road into the woodlot on the east side of the road. - Jay VanderGaast
Lachute: I took a look at the dump gulls near Lachute this afternoon. In the field south of the dump were around 70 loafing gulls, in with them was a 1st Winter Thayer's Gull (Goéland de Thayer); 12 Glaucous Gulls (Goélands bourgmestres) (1stW, 2ndW, ad) and 4 Iceland Gulls (Goélands artique) (2 ad, 2 1stW). The gulls can be viewed from the road although they may vary in range, a scope is advised. To locate the field, from Montreal take highway 50 to Lachute, exit south-east on route 329. Go around 4km until Chemin de la Sources appears as a crossroads, take the right turn. Drive past the obvious dump entrance and down the hill to check the fields. Depending where the gulls are loafing, it may be possible to drive closer by taking a cleared farm track on the left further down the hill. - Mark Dennis
Saint-Constant: with Nicole Guenette, we had the opportunity to observe and photograph around 15:30, 2 Broad-winged Hawks in a tree at the rear of the residence of 506 Chemin de la Petite Côte Saint-Constant. The two winged Hawks then left all to follow the (stream) ruisseau Lasaline finally heading off onto the land of Lafarge cement which is located between the Chemin de la Petite Côte and Highway 15.

En compagnie de Nicole Guénette, nous avons eu la chance d'observer et de photographier vers 15h30, deux Petites Buses dans un arbre à l'arrière de la résidence du 506 Chemin de la Petite Côte à Saint-Constant. Les 2 Petites Buses ont quitté ensemble pour suivre le ruisseau Lasaline pour finalement bifurquer vers le terrain de la cimenterie Lafarge qui est situé entre le Chemin de la Petite Côte et l'autoroute 15. - Lucien Lemay

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