Thursday, January 03, 2013

Bird Protection Quebec "Research Grants 2013"

Applications for research funding from BPQ should be received by no later than the last day of February. Anyone intending to make an application should consult the appropriate section of our website for information concerning the format in which applications should be made and the information to be provided. Applications may be made in either French or English but should include a synopsis in the other official language.

Amounts, normally of up to $3000 per annum, are available for single or multi-year projects relating to Quebec birds. Normally, the studies should be conducted within Quebec but we are open to appropriate requests for support for studies partly or wholly conducted outside Quebec provided they are demonstrably relevant to Quebec species or habitat.

Studies are to be conducted during 2013 and applicants should note that an end of year written summary of results and conclusions is a mandatory requirement of individuals or groups that we support.

Please pass this to anyone you are in contact with who may be interested.

We are particularly interested in working with groups conducting long-term studies with established goals.

Richard Gregson

President of BPQ and Chair of the BPQ Grants Committee.

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