Friday, October 12, 2012

Sightings for Friday October 12

Rigaud: male Northern Harrier (Busard Saint-Martin) hovering over the hay fields, near Rigaud mountain - Jim Forster
Charlemagne: in an area immediately to west of Rue Picard (west of Blvd Celine-Dion) The woods/ fields here are like a small trap for birds, since they are bounded by roads, rail line and the river.: Osprey, Blue-headed vireo, Red-eyed vireo, Hermit thrush (4)
Balbuzard pêcheur, Viréo à tête bleue, Viréo aux yeux rouges, Grive solitaire (4)

October 11: American bittern, Osprey, Northern harrier 2, Blackpoll and Nashville warblers, Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Hermit thrush (5)
11 octobre: ​​Butor d'Amérique, Balbuzard pêcheur, Busard Saint-Martin 2, Paruline rayée et à joues grises, Pic maculé, Grive solitaire (5) - Nathan Gricks
St-Louis de Gonzague: 9:30 - 11:30 this morning  at the pond, Here are my observations: Canada Geese: minimum 100, Snow goose: 1, American Wigeon: a hundred, Ring-necked Duck: a few hundred, Redhead: 2 nice males , Lesser Scaup, Gadwall: 8, Wood duck: 1 male, Pied-billed Grebe: ten, Mallard, Black duck, Double-crested cormorant, Ring-billed Gull, Song Sparrow, Yellow-rumped Warbler: 4, Dark-eyed Junco.

Ce matin de 9h30 11h30 l'étang du pont St-Louis de Gonzague. Voici mes observations: Bernaches du Canada: minimum 100, Oie des neiges: 1 seule, Canard d'Amérique : une centaine, Fuligule à collier: quelques centaines, Fuligule à tête rouge: 2 beaux mâles, Petit fuligule, Canard chipeau : 8, Canard branchu: 1 mâle, Grèbe à bec bigarré: une dizaine, Canard colvert, Canard noir, Cormoran aigrette, Goéland à bec cerclé, Bruant chanteur, Paruline à croupion jaune: 4, Junco ardoisé. - Michel Juteau

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