Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bird Protection Quebec "Monthly lecture"

Monday, October 1

From Albatrosses to Zebra Doves – The Birds of Kaua'i with Marcel Gahbauer

Sun, surf, sand, palm trees – all of these are among the images that spring to mind for the average person when they think of Hawaii.

Less evident to most visitors is the extent to which the few remnants of native habitat (and their associated wildlife) are threatened. Just as one example, of the 55 honeycreeper species that once lived in Hawaii, only 17 remain – and 11 of those are listed as endangered. Although the outlook for these and several other species looks grim, at least a couple of local conservation groups are making a strong effort to turn the tide. One of these, the Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project, recently began inviting volunteers to participate in their remote research work.

Marcel Gahbauer spent 10 days with this group in February 2012, trading a sunny Calgary winter for camping a few kilometres from Mount Wai'ale'ale, famous for being the wettest spot on earth. His presentation will focus on the eight species of native forest birds remaining on Kaua'i, as well as some of the non-native species that have come to dominate the rest of the island – and also touching on other aspects of the island's geography and culture.

This fascinating lecture starts at 19h30 at Knox Crescent Kensington and First Presbyterian Church 625 Godfrey Avenue, NDG

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