Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sightings for Tuesday July 6th

Vaudreuil: Marbled Godwit on the Chemin de l'anse, halfway down where they launch the ice fishing huts

Barge marbrée à mi-chemin avec la rampe du kiosque pour la pêche sur glace - Mark Dennis
Les Escoumins, 94 rue St-Marcellin Ouest: Northern Mockingnird perched at the top of a dead tree

Moqueur Polyglotte pose sur le sommet d'un gros arbre mort. - Leah den Besten
Lake Memphramagog: On the east shoreline opposite Île Longue we had a good view of a
Great Blue Heron (Grand Héron) flying to and from nest in the tree tops. The female stayed in the tree. Two Common loons (Plongeon haurd) alongside same island and 1 female Mallard (Canard colvert) brought her 3 young to the rock were were picnicking.

On June 27th - An American Bittern (Butor d'Amérique) landed at our pond and we witnessed him catching and eating one of our frogs. He has since returned 2 more times - Jeannie Bird

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