Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Notice RE: Tomorrow's Field Trip

Some of you may remember in January 2005, following the tsunami that killed thousands of people in south-east Asia, we held a special field trip to Parc Jean Drapeau on January 8, 2005, calling it Birders for Asian Tsunami Relief. 25 people showed up for the field trip and we collected $2,270 from those who attended the field trip and from others birders in Quebec who chose this vehicle to support the cause. The funds were donated to the Canadian Red Cross, with tax receipts issued to each supporter by the Canadian Red Cross.

I thought that given the horrific situation in Haiti resulting from the recent earthquake that it might be a good idea to do the same thing again this year with our outing to Parc Jean Drapeau tomorrow. This will be a simple way for BPQ birders and others to join together and bird for a special cause tomorrow.

I have put together the following information release announcing the event "Birders for Haitian Earthquake Relief" and giving details on how you can participate and contribute. I will also be posting this notice in French on the Ornitho-QC notice board.

I understand that some of you may have already made donations to the cause of your choice. If you are attending the field trip tomorrow, please understand that it is in no way compulsory for you to make a donation. It is simply a unique and simple way to help out, should you see fit to do so.

Therefore here is the special notice. Thank you in advance for your support.


Bird Protection Quebec will be hosting a very special birdwatching field trip, "Birders for Haitian Earthquake Relief", Saturday, January 16, 2010, at 8 am at Parc Jean Drapeau, on Ile-Ste-Helene. Members of Bird Protection Quebec, together with birders from Montreal and
surrounding regions, are invited and encouraged to join us, not only to observe a variety of exciting winter birds but to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross Haitian Earthquake Relief campaign.

Participants will be invited to donate either in the form of a flat amount or on a per-species basis. For example, if you pledge $1.00 per species and 25 species are spotted during the day, your donation will be $25. Donations are payable either by cheque to The Canadian Red Cross, or in cash. Official receipts for income tax purposes will be sent directly to you by the Canadian
Red Cross. Plus the federal government says it will match any donations made to registered charitable groups for the Haitian disaster from Jan. 12 to Feb. 12, up to a maximum of $50
million. So consider each dollar we collect doubled

Anyone unable to attend the event may still wish to contribute by contacting Bird Protection Quebec by telephone or by e-mail to make a donation. You will be provided with the address to send in your cheque.

All birders wishing to participate in the field trip on Saturday, January 16 are requested to meet at the Helene-de-Champlain parking lot on the south side of Ile-Ste-Helene, off chemin Tour de l'Isle at 8 am.

For further information, please contact:

Sheldon Harvey
Bird Protection Quebec
TELEPHONE: 514-637-2141

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CE Webster said...

I hope that your event was a success. What a great way to help those in need. Thank you.

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