Saturday, November 07, 2009

BPQ Field Trip to Pointe-aux-Prairies field, November 7th

On a cloudy skies and around 1C Clémence and I were very pleased, 18 birders showed up, we were very surprised. We were there Wednesday and there were not many birds, so we weren't very hopeful. So we walked all morning in the very humid temperature and with 18 pair of eyes we found 25 species. I think that the bird of the day is a Northern Mockingbird for everybody, moving a lot but everybody got a good look at it.
50 Canada Goose
12 Gadwall
10 American Wigeon
12 Black Duck
12 Mallard
12 Green-winged Teal
25 Lesser Scaup
6 Hooded Merganser
1 Double-crested Cormorant
1 Northern Harrier
12 Ring-billed Gull
1 Herring Gull
4 Downy Woodpecker
2 Hairy Woodpecker
1 Northern Flicker
30 Black-capped Chickadee
3 White-breasted Nudhatch
5 American Robin
1 Gray Catbird
1 Northern Mockingbird
25 European Starling
2 Song Sparrow
5 Northern Cardinal
1 American Goldfinch

Clémence and Jean

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