Sunday, November 22, 2009

BPQ Field Trip to Laval, Bois Papineau - November 21st

Quiet as usual at "Bois Papineau " for our trip today.

Thanks to the ten members who helped of 14 species, on a nice morning at 8 degr. C.

I guess we can say that our 2 American Tree Sparrows were the " bird of the day"

The woods were very , very they have been in recent weeks. This is
possibly due to the fact that without snow cover, the birds can browse for food
just about anywhere...and not congregate in large numbers at the feeders, as
they do in mid-winter.

Most activity was at the the rest of the count is:

Rock Pigeon (2).... Mourning Dove (6)....Downy Woodpecker (2)....Hairy Woodpecker
(1).....Blue jay (1)....American Crow (2)....Black-capped Chickadee (18)....White-breasted nuthatch
(5)....American Robin (3) Dark-eyed Junco (1)....Northern Cardinal (2)....House Finch
(18)....American Goldfinch (6) - Chuck Kling

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