Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sighting for Saturday April 25th

Sandhill crane / Grue du Canada

National Wildlife Area Dundee, Quebec, Canada. I had the chance to see the Sandhill crane couple nesting in this Wildlife area. For the second year in a row, they are the only couple nesting in southern Quebec.
Réserve nationale de faune du Lac St-François. J'ai eu la chance d'observer le couple de Grues du Canada qui nichent dans cette réserve faunique. Pour la deuxième année de suite, c'est le seul couple nicheur dans le sud du Quebec - Eric Bégin

Otterburn Park
Great day for watching raptors' migration around mount St-Hilaire. Around 12 noon, we were following a Red-tailed Hawk (Buse à queue rousse) circling, soaring in an updraft over our house located in Otterburn Park, when a very large bird caught my attention. At short distance from the raptor, it was also taking altitude in the same updraft. It was showing the typical shape of a crane (long streched neck and long legs also streched behind), but the bird was white, with black primaries. No doubt about it, that bird could not be anything else than a WHOOPING CRANE (GRUE BLANCHE)! This is not a joke, we could not beleive what we were seeing! After circling high for about a minute, the crane continued on its way towards east-north-east, just south of mount St-Hilaire, carried away by the south-west winds. What seemed odd is that, when the viewing angle allowed to see the back of the bird, the plumage showed some fainted brown color, on the back and on the head also, suggesting that this single individual was in its first year - Christian Coté & Monique Laramée

Boucherville Parc de la Frayère: Looking towards the pylons at the river a group of 21 Horned grebes
en regardant sur le fleuve vers les pylônes, on pouvait voir un groupe de 21 Grèbes esclavons

Bassin de Chambly basin: 9 Horned grebes, 8 Red-necked grebes, 8 Common loons
9 Grèbes esclavons, 8 Grèbes jougris, 8 Plongeons huards

l'aéroport de St-Hubert airport: Snowy owl sitting in the sun on one of the large grey boxes with the red lights at the end of the runway
Harfang des neiges posé au sol sous l'un des gros boîtiers gris fixés aux supports rouges à lumières en bout de piste - Jean Marc Béliveau

Verdun, Île des Sœurs: Ruby and Golden-crowned kinglets, Field sparrow at lac Lacoursière, Blue-headed vireo singing in the woods. White-throated sparrows, Red-bellied woodpecker, Carolina wren, Cooper’s hawk, Red-tailed hawk – 53 species (including some species seen on the river)
Roitelet à couronne dorée et Roitelet à couronne rubis, un Bruant des champs au lac Lacoursière. Un Viréo à tête bleue chantait dans le boisé, quelques Bruants à gorge blanche. Pic à ventre roux, Troglodyte de Caroline, Épervier de Cooper, Buse à épaulettes, etc. 53 espèces (incluantquelques espèces aperçues sur le fleuve) - Pierre Bannon

Victoriaville: réservoir Beaudet: Barnacle goose (Bernache nonnette) - Claude Roy +

Hemmingford, Fisher road: 2-3 singing Yellow-rumped warblers (Paruline à croupion jaune) & 2 singing Field Sparrows (Bruant des champs) - Mark Tomalty

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