Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bird Protection Quebec's Field Trip Report for Saturday April 18th

Yesterday started with rain in Montreal but on the way we saw blue sky in front of us. When we arrived, it was blue sky and it stayed like that all day. Fourteen optimist birders came for a wonderful day of birding.

20,000 Snow Geese, 4,000 Canada Geese, 24 Gadwall, 25 American Wigeon, unfortunately no Eurasian Wigeon, 20 Black Duck, 10 Mallard, 12 Shoveler, 300 Pintail, 400 Green-winged Teal, 2 Redhead, 5 Ring-necked Duck, 50 Greater Scaup, 40 Lesser Scaup, 25 Bufflehead, 12 Common Goldeneye, 8 Hooded Merganser, 10 Ruddy Duck, 15 Pied-billed Grebe, 3 Double-crested Cormorant, 2 Great Blue Heron, 6 Northern Harrier, 3 Rough-legged Hawk, 6 Killdeer, 2 Greater Yellowlegs, 1 Dunlin, 75 Ring-billed Gull, 3 Great-Black-Backed Gull, 2 Rock Pigeon, 2 Mourning Dove, 2 Downy Woodpecker, 1 Northern Flicker, 1 Eastern Phoebe, 30 American Crow, 12 Tree Swallow, 3 Brown Creeper, 12 American Robin, 30 Starling, 1 American Tree Sparrow, 1 Chipping Sparrow, 24 Song Sparrow, 6 Dark-eyed Junco, 70 Red-winged Blackbird, 12 Common Grackle, 10 Brown-headed Cowbird, 4 House Sparrow
Oie des neiges, Bernache du Canada, Canard chipeau, Canard d’Amérique, Canard noir, Canard colvert, Canard souchet, Canard pilet, Sarcelle d’hiver, Fuligule à tête rouge, Fuligule à collier, Fuligule milouinan, Petit Fuligule, Petit Garrot, Garrot à oeil d’or, Harle couronné, Érismature rousse, Grèbe à bec bigarré, Cormoran à aigrettes, Grand heron, Busard Saint-Martin, Buse pattue, Pluvier kildir, Grand Chevalier, Bécasseau variable, Goéland à bec cerclé, Goéland marin, Pigeon biset, Tourterelle triste, Pic mineur, Pic flamboyant, Moucherolle phébi, Corneille d'Amérique, Hirondelle bicolore, Grimpereau brun, Merle d'Amérique, Étourneau sansonnet, Bruant hudsonien, Bruant familier, Bruant chanteur, Junco ardoisé, Carouge à épaulettes, Quiscale bronzé, Vacher à tête brune, Moineau domestique

43 species, a great day with great people.
Clémence Soulard and Jean Demers

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