Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sightings for Sunday January 6th

Yamachiche, chemin Louis Gatineau & de la tranchée d’Isaie: Northern hawk owl (Chouette épervière) took off in a SW direction at 1pm - Gelinas Jacques - click photo to enlarge

Montreal, Botanical Gardens: 15 species (espèces) including - 30 Common redpolls & 4 Hoary redpolls (Sizerins flammés, et 4 blanchâtre), Carolina wren (troglodyte de Caroline), European goldfinch (Chardonneret élégant), Pine grosbeaks (Durbecs des sapins), Sharp-shinned hawk (épervier brun) - Lucette d'Amours
Monteal, Ile Notre Dame: Townsend's Solitaire (Solitaire de Townsend) was still there this afternoon (Sunday), in the exact same area mentioned by Andrew on Friday: near the big totem pole across from the Casino, in amongst a bunch of starlings and robins. It posed very cooperatively for its admirers (four of us at the time I was there). I wasn't able to find the Barred Owl that had been seen, but this still represents a gala start to the public transit component of my BGBY, since I went by metro! (In fact, if this warm weather continues as forecast, those of you who are doing a self-propelled BGBY should be easily able to get there by bike.) – Z. Laubitz -------------------------------------------------------------------
Hungry Bay: Common loon (Plongeon huard), Hooded merganser (Harle couronné), many Common mergansers (Grands Harles), Common goldeneye (Garrots à oeil d'or) - Sylvie Robert/Gilles Laperrière

Rang Saint-Dominique: 17 Gray Partridge (Perdrix grises)
Giroux: 5 Gray Partridge (Perdrix grises), 8 Wild turkeys (Dindons sauvages)
Also seen in the area were at least 400 Snow buntings (Bruants des neige) - Michel Bertrand

montée Baronnie: Snowy Owl (Harfang des neiges)
chemin de la Rivière aux Pins: 3 Red-winged blackbirds (Carouges à épaulettes) - André Provost


birder in vermont said...

Reporting back that we had a great time birding at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday morning. Thanks again for all the information--so helpful. I think we must have met Lucette d'Amours during our walk through the gardens--a woman pointed out some pine grosbeaks to us and mentioned that she was looking for a barred owl which had been seen in the gardens the evening before. When we arrived at feeding station number 2, a gentleman informed us that a European goldfinch had been observed there at 8:10 that morning. We were disappointed to have missed it, but decided to wait a bit in case it came back. At 9:40, a small flock of American goldfinch flew in-- along with a European goldfinch. Beautiful bird. So glad we didn't miss it!

Bird Sightings from BPQ said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves and got to see the European goldfinch

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