Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sightings for Saturday January 12th

Hungry Bay: (1st winter male) King eider (Eider à tête grise mâle de 1er hiver) - André Labelle

Hemminford, chemin Murray: Common grackle (quiscale bronzé), Sharp-shinned hawk (épervier brun), 2 Northern shrikes (pie-grièche grise), Merlin (faucon émerillon), American robins (merles d'amérique), Song sparrow (bruant chanteur), Tree sparrow (bruant hudsonien), Northern flicker (pic flamboyant)
chemin Fisher: 27 Wild turkeys (dindons sauvages) - André Provost

St-Barthelemy: Adult and an immature Snowy Owl (Harfang des neiges).... far out in a field along Montee Ouest in St-Barthelemy. I tried to approach a little closer, over hard crusty snow... but broke through into slush and water , several times........ so no go ! - Chuck Kling -

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