Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sightings for Wednesay October 31th

Oka, Oka park: 34 species (espèces) including - Long-tailed duck (Harelde Kakawi), Northern harrier (Busard St-Martin), Sonow buntings (Bruants des neiges), Roughed grouse (Gélinotte huppé), Brown creeper (Grimpereau brun), Pileated woodpecker (Grand pic), Tree sparrow (Bruant hudsonien), Bohemian waxwings (jaseur boréal), Black-crowned night-heron (bihoreau gris), Raven (grand corbeau), 2 Greater yellowkegs (grand chevalier) - Sylvie Vanier

Iberville, downstream from the bridge on rte 112 connecting Chambly to Iberville: Canvasback duck (Fuligule À Dos Blanc) Hooded mergansers (Harle couronné) - Charles Ménard

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