Monday, October 08, 2007

Sightings for Monday October 8th

Montreal, Westmount Summit Park: Varied Thrush It wasn't in the park itself, but in the forest between Summit Circle and Ridgewood. It was to the left of the path, if you face Ridgewood, and just downhill from the elder bushes. I got a very good look at the bird and, after consulting Sibley, I believe itwas a female: the orange and grey face markings and the breast bandwere quite muted. But, no, I didn't get a photo, even though I actually had a camera with me--just as I emerged from my trance of disbelief enough to think that I ought to try to get a picture, the thrush flew off! I searched the vicinity for some time but didn't see it again.I hope the bird stays around and other people get to see it. The elderberries on both sides of the Ridgewood path are attracting a lot of attention from thrushes, sparrows and the odd warbler. - Zofia Laubitz

Also seen at the Summit:35 species (espèces) including, Thrushes – Hermit, Swainson’s, Gray-cheeked\Bicknell (Grives solitaires, à dos olive, à joues grises/Bicknell), Warblers – Orange-crowned, Black-throated blue, Nashville, Northern parula, Blackpoll (Parulines – Verdâtre, Bleue, à joues grises, à collier, rayée), White-throated sparrows (Bruants à gorge blanche), Golden-crowned kinglets (Roitelets à couronne rubis), Merlin (Faucon émerillon), Red-tailed hawk (Buse à queue rousse), Eastern screech owl (Petit-duc maculé), Vireos - Blue-headed, Red-eyed (Viréo - à tête bleue, aux yeux rouges), Raven (Grand Corbeau) - Pierre Bannon

Chambly, Chambly basin: 6 Red-necked grebes (Grèbes jougris), 5 White-winged scoter (Macreuses brunes), 2 Common loons (Plongeons huards), Common mergansers (grands Harles)
Boucherville, parc de la frayère: Fox sparrows (Bruants fauves), White-throated sparrows (Bruants à gorge blanche), juncos, Warblers - Yellow-rumped, Orange-crowned (Parulines - à croupion jaune, verdâtre), Blue-headed vireo (Viréo à tête bleue), Purple finch (Roselin pourpré), Rusty blackbirds (Quiscales rouilleux), Cedar waxwings (Jaseurs d'Amérique) - Jean-Marc Béliveau

Chateauguay, Lac St-Louis: Common loon (Plongeon huards), Red-breasted mergansers (Harles huppé) – T. Long

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