Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sightings for Thursday May 23

Montréal: Very early this morning at Ile de la Visitation nature park, located in north-central part of the island of Montreal, between 5am & 8 am a total of 61 species of birds were observed. Birds were singing everywhere in the park but were not very active. They tend to stay hidden in the thick foliage, at least today they were. Being able to recognize them by their songs is a great advantage to finding them and having a little patience. 

My moment of the day (5am to 5:30am) were the juvenile Eastern Screech-owls being interested in my stuffed leopard toy tied on the back of my pack-sack while I was drinking my Tim Horton`s coffee. One of them tried taking it off, while the two adults didn't give a hoot!

Here are some of the species seen this morning, Turkey Vulture, Eastern Screech (4) (Urubu à tête rouge, Petit duc maculé), a late Winter Wren (Troglodyte mignon) in the park, a Philadelphia Vireo (Viréo de Philadelphie) singing on the island, a half dozen White-crowned Sparrows, (Bruant couronnes-Blanche) Northern Rough-winged Swallow (Hirondelle à ailes hérissées) (the #114 sp in May in the park) and there is still a small group of Pine Siskins (Tarin des pins)in the park. A Lincoln's Sparrow(Bruant de Lincoln) Rose-breasted Grosbeak (2) (Cardinal à poitrine rose was singing on the island. . A total of 15 species of warblers were seen or heard in the park and finally the Tennessee warbler (Paruline obscure) rock concerts (were singing everywhere the last few days in the park) has calmed down. There were two Cape May (Paruline tigrée) 1 female & 1 first spring female) seen in the trees next to the chalet as well as Canada warbler, Wilson's warbler, Common yellowthroat, Ovenbird, Blackpoll warbler, (Paruline du Canada, paruline à calotte noire, Paruline masquée, paruline couronnée, Paruline rayée),etc.

 Here are some of the animal species that I often see in the park, Snapping & Painted Turtles, Foxes, Muskrats, American Beavers, Eastern Gray Squirrels, Northern Raccoon, Chipmunks, Snakes, Skunks, Woodchuck, and too many cats.

I often leave my bird reports at the desk with the park's staff if ever you wish to know any interesting sighting that day. - Joël Coutu

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