Monday, August 28, 2006

Sightings Translated From Ornitho-QC for Monday August 28th

Pointe Yamachiche: Snowy egret (Aigrette neigeuse), west of the bay - Gyrfalcon (Faucon gerfaut)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sightings Translated From Ornitho-QC for Thursday July 24th

Montreal, parc du Mont-Royal, in the woods near the Chalet: Black-billed cuckoo (coulicou à bec noir) 10 species of warblers (10 espèces de parulines)

Sainte-Martine: 3 Killdeer (Pluviers kildirs), 3 Greater yellow-legs (Grands Chevaliers)200 Lesser yellowlegs (Petits Chevaliers), 100 Semipalmated sandpipers (Bécasseau semipalmé), 50 Least sandpipers (Bécasseau minuscules), 2 Baird’s sandpipers (Bécasseau de Baird),15 Pectoral sandpipers (Bécasseau à Poitrine cendré), 3 Short-billed dowitcher (Bécassins roux)1 Long-billed dowitcher (Bécassin à long bec)
Pointe Yamachiche: Baird’s sandpipers (Bécasseau de Baird), White-rumped sandpiper (Bécasseau à croupion blanc) Red knot (Bécasseau maubèche) 5 Sanderlings (Bécasseau Sanderling), Snowy egret (Aigrette neigeuse), Semipalmated sandpipers (Bécasseau semipalmé), Least sandpipers (Bécasseau minuscules), yellow-legs (Grands Chevaliers), Lesser yellowlegs (Petits Chevaliers), 2 Spotted sandpipers (Chevaliers Grivelé)
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