Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sightings for Sunday May 26

Saint-Barthélemy: Northern lapwing, near the river in the vicinity of 160 Chemin du Fleuve

Vanneau Huppé, près du fleuve aux environs du 160, chemin du Fleuve Gilles Ethier
Verdun: Just before 3 PM, there was an adult Laughing Gull sitting on the rocks facing the lookout

Il y avait une Mouette atricille adulte posée sur les rochers en face du poste d'observation de Verdun en bordure du fleuve un peu avant 15h00 Pierre Bannon
Île Bizard: Interesting sighting from Andre Cyr and his son. As this afternoon Sun 26th about 1.30 Just off the path that runs around the car parking I am sure I saw a Kirtlands warbler (Paruline de Kirtland) also. It was just in the bushes on the right before the crossing of the road to walk to the main boardwalk. When I saw it I thought , that cannot be. But I have some good photos of the Kirtlands many many people saw at Point Pelee. I was on my own so don't have a confirmation but after Andres report I am sure.

The link is to my Facebook album with my photos of some of the many birds seen at Point Pelee including the Kirtlands Warbler. - Jeffrey Greenwood 

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