Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sightings for Saturday March 30

Hudson: As I was finishing up the report of our Cap St Jacques trip which you just received, my wife, Mary, came in the door and asked if we had any unusual birds on our trip. I say "nothing out of the ordinary but some nice sightings" to which she replies "Well, there is a different looking woodpecker down the street with an all black back." I gave her the bird book opened at woodpeckers and she said "that one." Sure enough, we wandered back down the street to find a female Black-backed Woodpecker (Pic à dos noir)  chipping away at a Scotch Pine. My first sighting of one in several years. 

P.S. Much as I was sorely tempted, I upheld the birder's code of ethics and did not try to chase the bird up the street so I could put it on our property list. Hopefully it will join its friend the Easter Bunny at our feeder tomorrow! - Wayne
St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, parc des voiles: 2 Greater white-fronted goose (Oies rieuses) - Samuel Denault

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