Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Orchard Orioles at Ste-Catherine

While we were all busy checking out the Little Egret today, little did we know that two other birds were flitting around, probably directly behind us along the shoreline today.

Jean-Sebastien Guenette posted this message on Ornitho-QC. It details the findings of three guys from Cornell University who were at the location this morning, at the same time our group was.

Bonjour, Pour votre information, je viens de recevoir un courriel de Chris Wood, de l'Université Cornell, qui a observé ce matin deux Orioles des vergers au Récré-O-Parc de Sainte-Catherine, en même temps que
l'Aigrette garzette. Voici la description de l'oiseau:

First-year male seen by Tom Johnson and Nathan Senner and adult male seen by me. I first detected the adult by the song when I went back to get my camera to photograph the egret. The song was a warbled jumble of notes recalling as if a Warbling Vireo or Blue Grosbeak song was being sung by an oriole. I looked up and immediately saw the male Orchard Oriole, still looking quite nice with a rich chestnut body and black head, chestnut bar on wings and pale tips to greater coverts. Black tail. Dark legs and bill. Bill smaller and thinner than Baltimore Oriole. Unmistakable. - Sheldon

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