Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sightings for Sunday July 15

Beauport: Black-billed cuckoo was heard again at 9:30  near my place. Had not heard it for 2 weeks, For those interested, the bird frequently the wasteland at the end of the Rue du Bourg-Talon

Coulicou à bec noir se refait entendre à nouveau chez-moi, à 9h30. Ne l'ayant entendu depuis 2 semaines. Pour les intéressés, l'oiseau fréquente la friche à l'extrémité de la rue du Bourg-Talon. - Diane Labarre
Ile des Madelaines​: This morning and yesterday evening to my great surprise I saw 2 Snowy Owls (Harfangs des neiges) hunting from lamp posts around the causeway connecting Fatima Island. Both Juveniles were heavily barred. My first time seeing them in July! Please be respectful and follow best practises when watching these birds as they are very close to a busy road and could easily be hit - Alex Stone

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