Monday, May 14, 2012

Sightings for Monday May 14

Montréal: At least 3 Common Nighthawks (Engoulevent d'Amérique) were present in the area just east of Avenue du Parc (near Rue St Urbain) this evening (around 8pm). - Vivek Govind Kumar
Westmount: Due to a bit of serendipity, a somewhat slow morning turned into a very nice day. As Sheila McCarthy and I were finishing up our walk at Summit Woods, we found a roosting Eastern Screech-Owl (Petit-duc maculé) (gray morph, most likely the one that was around last year as in same location) and I went to get a photographer\birder with whom we had been talking in order for him to see the bird. In turn, he told us about the 4-5 male Indigo Buntings (passerin indigo) hanging around the hillside along the closed road. He took us there then left. As we were sitting on a park bench, enjoying the bunting show, I noticed movement in a bushy area including a flowering apple tree below the ridge of the hillside. When I got on the bird, it was a male Golden-winged Warbler (Paruline à ailes dorées). Off and on for 4-5 minutes, I was able to get good views of the bird and able to verify (although did not hear it sing) that it was a pure, non-hybrid GWWA. Once we lost the bird, kept looking for another ~10 minutes without being able to relocate the bird.

Montréal: At the Mount Royal Cemetery, we had a few more warbler species including 4+ Cape May warblers (paruline tigrée) of which at least 2 were females. Most of the activity seemed to be in the flowering trees.- Charlie Nims

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