Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bird Protection Quebec "Field Trip"

Spontaneous Spring Field Trip
Saturday, June 2
8:00 AM - Half-day outing

Our spontaneous spring field trip this coming Saturday will be a repeat of a "Summer Series of Birding" trip back on July 24, 2010. That trip produced 66 species, the highest number we have ever had on a summer outing. The participants of that trip all agreed that we should repeat this trip, but earlier, in the peak spring birding season, so that's what we will do on Saturday.

The trip covers sections of St-Lazare (including the very productive Fief Road), Ste-Marthe & Ste-Justine de Newton, then heads across the Quebec/Ontario border. We then head north ending up at Pointe Fortune, at the Carillon Dam. This will be a half-day trip (maybe a little more if the birds cooperate), mostly driving, but with several stops along the route. The park at Pointe Fortune is a good location to have a picnic lunch at the end of the trip should any of you wish to bring lunch along.

MEETING PLACE: Hudson Inn parking lot at Exit 17 off of Highway 40.

DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS TO MEETING SPOT: Take the Trans-Canada Highway 40 (direction Ottawa) to Exit 17 - Highway 201 Montee Lavigne / Hudson. Meet in the parking area outside the Hudson Inn complex. Carpooling on a trip such as this is a suggestion. Cars can easily be left in the parking lot at the meeting spot.

ITINERARY: From the Hudson Inn, we will drive south on Highway 201 into St-Lazare checking out Fief Road & Montée Ste-Angelique, looking for various species of field and grassland birds, and songbirds including warblers, etc. We then head west towards the Quebec/Ontario border along ch. Ste-Marie, into Ontario to Lemieux Road & La Grande Montee Road. Here we'll be again be looking for grassland birds, including Upland Sandpipers, Bobolinks, Meadowlarks, Horned Larks, etc. all seen here in the past.

We will continue north on La Grande Montee to Pointe Fortune and visit the Carillon Dam where various gulls, shorebirds and waterfowl are generally seen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 450-462-1459. You may reach me by cellphone at 514-637-2141 on Saturday morning.

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