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Sightings for Thursday April 5

Montréal: Corner of McTavish and Dr. Penfield a pair of Turkey vultures (urubu à tête rouge) could be seen soaring around the base of Mont Royal. Eventually around 10 individuals gathered, and were flying quite low. After about 5-6 minutes of observation, the Turkey vultures began dispersing. Another bird was seen chasing them. It disappeared for a minute, but returned from overhead and I was lucky to observe the breathtaking stoop of a Peregrine falcon (faucon pèlerin)! Wings stretched beyond the tail, which ruled out any chance of it being a Cooper's hawk. - Joey O'Connor
I was at Baie-du-Febvre yesterday with Charlie Nims, his friend Sheila and Herb Greenslade. We had a very good day despite windy conditions, with 42 species observed. Unfortunately, we could not locate the Eurasian Wigeon that was reported on April 1st/2nd. Most birds were seen at/near the lookouts along Rte 132 and the ponds on Rte Janelle. There were also a few ducks present on the river,  at the end of Rte Janelle. Rough-legged Hawks (both dark and light morphs) were seen particularly well, with some birds hunting quite close to the road.

Canada Goose -2000, Snow Goose -16000, Mallard -35, American Black Duck -100, Gadwall -12, Northern Pintail -2500, Northern Shovele r- 7, American Wigeon -35, Green-winged Teal -500, Ring-necked Duck -200, Redhead -10, Lesser Scaup -20, Greater Scaup -2, Common Goldeneye -3, Bufflehead -7, Hooded Merganser -5, Common Merganser -1, Ruddy Duck -2, Double-crested Cormorant -15, Great Blue Heron -1, American Coot -1, Golden Eagle -1, Northern Harrier -3, Turkey Vulture -1, Rough-legged Hawk -7, Northern Goshawk -1, Merlin -1, Killdeer -6, Ring-billed Gull -50, Herring Gull -1, Great Black-backed Gull -1, Rock Pigeon -5, Mourning Dove -3, American Crow -15, Common Raven -2, American Robin -30, European Starling -5, Song Sparrow -5, American Tree Sparrow -2, Snow Bunting -120, Red-winged Blackbird -20, Common Grackle -10

Bernache du Canada -2000, Oie des neiges-16000, Canard colvert -35, Canard noir -100, -12 Canard chipeau, Canard pilet -2500, Canard souchet-7, Canard d'Amérique -35, Sarcelle d'hiver -500, Fuligule à collier -200, Fuligule à tête rouge-10, Petit Fuligule -20, Fuligule milouinan -2, Garrot à œil d’or-3, Petit Garrot -7, Harle couronné -5, Grand Harle -1, Érismature rousse -2, Cormoran à aigrettes -15, Grand héron -1, Foulque d'Amérique -1, Aigle royal -1, Busard Saint-Martin -3, Urubu à tête rouge-1, Buse pattue -7, Autour des palombes -1, Faucon émerillon -1, Pluvier kildir -6, Goéland à bec cerclé -50, Goéland argenté -1, Goéland marin -1, Pigeon biset -5, Tourterelle triste-3, Corneille d'Amérique -15, Grand corbeau -2, Merle d'Amérique -30, Étourneau sansonnet -5, -5 Bruant chanteur, Bruant hudsonien -2, Plectrophane des neiges -120, Carouge à épaulettes -20, Quiscale bronzé -10 - Vivek Govind Kumar
Ville St-Laurent, Technoparc: which is situated between Dorval ane the 40. 2 Ravens harassing a Red-tailed hawk, 2 pairs of Canada goose that  have adopted the pond, 2 Kestrels hunting

Technoparc de Ville St-Laurent: celui qui se situe entre le golf Dorval et la 40. 2 corbeaux harcelant une buse à queue rousse, -2 couples de bernaches semblent avoir adopté l'étang ,-2 crécerelles à la chasse.

Montréal, Dollard-des-Ormeaux Parc du Centenaire William Cosgrove: Pied-billed Grebe (3X), Black-Crowned Night-Heron (2X), Great Blue Heron

The nest of Red-shouldered hawk (photo) last year seems to have lost an important branch. So the nest is empty, but one of the two nozzles was reviewed. A couple of Hooded merganser, Many Canada Goose.

Dollard-des-Ormeaux Parc du Centenaire William Cosgrove: Grèbe à bec bigarré (3X), Bihoreaux gris (2X), Grand héron

Le nid de la buse à épaulettes (photo) de l'an dernier semble avoir perdu une branche importante. Donc le nid est inoccupé, mais une des deux buses a  été revue. Un couple de harle couronné Beaucoup de couples de bernaches. - Julie Tremblay

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