Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sightings for Saturday April 7

Candiac: 4 Red-tailed hawks (Buses à queue rousse) autoroute 30 E. Two just before the exit for the 15, one on either side of the road. One on the exit for 15 S and one just on the other side of the exit 15 N

Chateauguay: 2 Turkey vultures (urubus à tête rouge) soaring over rue Flanagan - Thomas Long
Montréal: Mount royal cemetery yesterday afternoon was a bit on the cool side with a slight wind. 2 highlights of the day were a flyby of 2 Sandhill cranes (Grues du Canada) heading west at about 4:00pm and a pair of mating Cooper's hawks (Épervier de Cooper) when we were heading out at 5:00pm. Also golden-crowned kinglets, northern flicker and brown creeper (roitelets à couronne dorée, pic flamboyant et grimpereau brun)Karen & George Dmytriw
Dundee, Réserve Nationale de faune du lac Saint-François digue aux aigrettes: mallard duck wood 2, two shovelers, eight black ducks, scaup 50 ring-necked, 100 scaup sp. (no scope ...) 2 occupied Sandhill crane nests

canard colvert, 2 canard branchus, 2 souchets, 8 canard noir, 50 fuligules à collier, 100 fuligules sp. (pas de télescope...)  Nous avons par contre vu sans mal un des 2 nids occupés de Grues du Canada. - Pascal Côté

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