Monday, April 05, 2010

Sightings for Sunday April 4th

Chateauguay, Refuge Faunique Marguerite D'Youville on Île Saint-Bernard: Northern shrike (Pie-grièche grise), seen in along edge of open brushy field area between gateway to trails and beach area, flying between, and perching on two nesting boxes, and outer branches of shrubs and young trees. Observed for more than half an hour, on right side of trail. outbound toward limit of open trail - Ian Turner
Montréal, Mount Royal Cemetery: 1 American Woodcock (in the small woods between Rue Camillien Houde and Avenue Mont Royal), 1 Eastern Bluebird, 2 Purple Finches, 1 Northern Goshawk, 1 Cooper's Hawk, 2 American Kestrels, 2 Turkey Vultures, 4 Song Sparrows, 20 Fox Sparrows, 2 American Goldfinches, 1 Eastern Phoebe, 15 Black-capped Chickadees, 3 Downy Woodpeckers, 4 Hairy Woodpeckers, 2 Northern Flickers, 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 1 Golden-crowned Kinglet, 3 White-breasted Nuthatches, 3 Brown Creepers, 25 Dark-eyed Juncos, 25 American Crows, 3 American Robins, 15 European Starlings and 10 Ring-billed Gulls.

1 Bécasse d'Amérique (das les petit bois entre Rue Camillien Houde et Avenue Mont Royal), 1 Merlebleu de l'Est, 2 Roselin pourpré, 1 Autour des palombe, 1 Épervier de Cooper, 2 Crécerelle d'Amérique, 2 Urubu à tête rouge, 4 Bruant chanteur, 20 Bruant fauve, 2 Chardonneret jaune, 1 Moucherolle phébi, 15 Mésange à tête noire, 3 Pic mineur, 4 Pic chevelu, 3 Pic flaboyant, 1 Pic maculé,1 Roitelet à couronne dorée, 3 Sittelle à poitrine blanche, 3 Grimpereau brun, 25 Junco ardoisé, 25 Corneille d'Amérique, 3 Merles d’Améique, 15 Étourneau sansonnet, 10 Goéland á bec cerclé - Vivek Govind Kumar
Lasalle, île aux Hérons (island), sunny , 18 degrees, 4 p.m. The herons were flapping around the heronry on the island. A Bald eagle (Pygargue à tête blanche) was sitting at the top of tree above the nest and the other was on the nest. - Patricia Stotland

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