Friday, May 01, 2009

Sightings for Friday May 1st

Ville Lasalle: Peregrine falcon (Faucon pèlerin) flying beside the (pont) Mercier bridge - T. Long

Between St-Valère & Victoriaville, réservoir Beaudet: Barnacle goose rte 161 across from 664
Bernache nonnette route 161 et elle est maintenant en face du 664, entre St-Valère et Victoriaville - Claude Roy

While commuting home by bicycle from Montréal to St Lambert via Ile Notre Dame to Victoria Bridge. I had a group of 13 Bonapartes Gulls (Mouette de Bonaparte) in flight in tight formation. They seemed to come from the public beach there, which is now 3/4 drained for maintenance, and headed out over the St Lawrence River towards Habitat. A Peregrine Falcon (Faucon pèlerin) had passed low over the area moments before and likely flushed the gulls. 2 Yellow Warblers (Paruline jaune) were also singing on the island - Mark Tomalty

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ian said...

Breeding Pair of Peregrine Falcons in kirkland quebec Ecclestone park. We have been watching over the past several weeks what we consider to be a breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons within 200 Meters of our house. They are clearly feeding chicks and and continue to devour pray on top of our roof. Has anyone else reported this? Please email me if you have at as I want to be sure they are not Merlins but have seen them attack crows?

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