Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sightings for Sunday January 4th

Ste-Martine: There was a fine male Black Scoter (Macreuse noire) feeding below the dam- Mark Dennis

St-Clet 2 Snowy Owls (Harfangs des neiges) and several small flocks of Snow Buntings (Bruants des neiges) ending with the rediscovery of the Snow Bunting roost found by mark a couple of years ago near St-Polycarpe. There are photographs of these and a link to a map showing where they were on our birding blog at (NEW address - please note, we had to move)
On the way we also saw a Wild Turkey (Dindon sauvage) (just south of the Montée-Lavigne exit from the 40) and a Red-tailed Hawk (Buse à queue rousse) (Veaudreuil). There were White-winged Crossbills (Bec-croisé bifascié) on the Mcgill MacDonald campus (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue) – R. Gregson

Ville Lasalle, Parc des rapides: Common goldeneye, Common mergansers

près du Parc des rapides 5 couples de garrots à oeil d'or et 2 couples de grands harles - Sylvie

Montreal, Mount Royal Cemetery - Flock of up to 20 Pine Grosbeaks near the North Entrance (probably same ones reported on Thursday) and one Northern Shrike at the top of a tall tree - Mike Fleming – also seen White-winged crossbills, American robins, Sharp-shinned hawk, Pine siskins, Black-capped chickadees, European starlings, Cedar waxwings, American tree sparrows - Johanne Paquette
Cimetière Mont-Royal: Durbec des sapins, Pie-grièche grise - Mike Fleming –aussi Bec-croisé bifascié 10, Merle d’Amérique 15, Épervier brun 1, Tarins des pins 6, Mésange à tête noire 4, Étourneaux sansonnets 12, Jaseurs Boréals 12, Bruant hudsoniens 10 - Johanne Paquette

St Hubert Airport, Boul. Clairvue - Female Snowy owl (Harfang des neiges) on top of a lampost - Mike Fleming - Click Photo to enlarge

St-Timothée, across from the church: Bald eagle --- en face de l'église: Pygargue à tête blanche - Denis Collins

Deschambault: Northern hawk owl autoroute 40 a little east of the Deschambault exit Chouette épervière Dans le secteur de la sortie de l'autoroute 40 de Deschambault située la plus à l'est - Jacques Lachance

Grondines: Northern hawk owl beside the Grondines dock Chouette épervière près du quai de Grondines - Jacques Lachance

Baie d'Urfe, rue Magnolia: 25 White-winged Crossbills (Bec-croisés bifasciés) - R. Duiven

Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, (Forêt) Montmorency Forest: Common redpoll, Hoary redpoll, Boreal chickadee, Gray jay, Raven, Pine grosbeak. Traces of Ruffed grouse were seen in the snow.
Sizerin flammé (6), Sizerin blanchâtre (2), Mésange à tête brune (3), Mésangeai du Canada (3), Grand Corbeau (1), Durbec des sapins (5). Tétras du Canada (des belles traces dans la neige !!! je sais que ça compte pas, mais c’est le mieux que j’ai pu faire à ce jour après plusieurs dizaines de visites à ce site) - Anne Déry & Laval Roy

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