Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sightings for Monday January 5th

Montreal: In Mount Royal Cemetery halfway between the Camilien Houde entrance and Mount Murray. A group of 14 pine grosbeaks (Durbec des sapins); two bright red males, one female with a bright yellow rump, and the other 11 duller yellowish-brown heads and rumps. They are fun birds to look at as they pose in tree while eating berries and are not frileux! Too bad my camera batteries ran out - Nick

Sainte-Catherine, Récréo parc: Bald eagle, Barrow’s goldeneye, Northern pintail duck - Pygargue a tete blanche (adulte), Garrot d`ìslande, canard pilet - Yves Cardinal

Magog: Bufflehead and a Red-breasted merganser on the Magog river below the Hydro dam near the village.
Between the 2 hydro dams 200 Mallard ducks
rue Hatley: Great blue heron
rue Custeau: at the end of the street 4 young Wild turkeys
Un Petit Garrot mâle adulte ainsi qu'un Harle huppé femelle adulte sur la rivière Magog en bas du barrage hydro-électrique près du centre-ville à Magog.
200 Canards colverts dans la portion de rivière entre les deux barrages hydro-électrique.
le sentier pédestre a partir du débarcadère à bateaux sur le rue de Hatley, un Grand Héron.
Au bout de la rue Custeau, quatre jeunes Dindons sauvage - Benoît Turgeon

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