Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sightings for Saturday March 1st

Hudson: Great gray owl (Chouette lapone) was still present west of Hudson, viewable from Main Road 1.5km west of Finnegan's Market and hunting the fields between the road and railway. - Mark Dennis

Hatley: Gyrfalcon (Faucon gerfaut) 1km north of Hatley on chemin North or (Nord) - Denis Bergeron

Varennes, autoroute 30 exit chemin de la Baronnie: Snowy Owl (Harfang des neiges)

Verchères, autoroute 30 exit Montée Calixa-Lavallée: Snowy Owl (Harfang des neiges) - Michel Bertrand

Boucherville, Parc des Îles de Boucherville: Great gray owl (Chouette lapone) at the edge of the pinède des Moyens-Ducthe near the road to the golf course. There were several photographers and one had released a Vole that was caught to attract the Owl - Denis Hamel - (please do not bait owls to photograph them)

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Owlish said...

Definition of "baiting":
something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed [syn: bait, decoy, lure]

Food or other lure placed on a hook or in a trap and used in the taking of fish, birds, or other animals.

Obviously the definition does NOT fit what is going on here.

Those who use the word "baiting" are obviously also "baiting" birds when they put bird feeders or when they offer seeds to birds. A practice that has been going one for centuries and will continue for centuries.

We can only feed birds what they eat. Wether this is seeds or rodents, it is all the same and done for the same purpose than to attract birds.

I am a bit tired of these hypocrites who call this "baiting" but put bird feeders on their backyard, not bird baiters.


People can feed birds if they wish to. It is not illegal and it is fine to do it if they do it properly.

The way to go is to educate people on how to do this so there will be no danger to the animals. Like feeding the animal where it cannot be hit by a car, or not feeding the animal dead mice that have freeze and unfreeze. Only use live prey. Walk at least hafl a mile before releasing a prey so that there is no risk of injuries by cars. Avoid obstacle between the bird and its prey. And don't do anything like trying to put the prey on your hat or giving it to the bird in your hand.

Voila. At least that is a post worth something.

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