Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bird Protection Quebec's Field Trip Report – March 8th

Laval, Bois Papineau: cloudy , calm conditions... minus 4 degrees c EIGHTEEN SPECIES!... the woods wore a beautiful white coating on all branches, but were very quiet. BIRD(S) of the day: Great Horned on the same nest as last year. Her partner, tucked away , high up in a tall cedar just opposite the entry point of the path leading to the feeders. As for the feeders: THE MOST ACTIVE I HAD SEEN THEM , IN A VERY LONG TIME. (click photo to enlarge - M. Swoboda)

Other sightings: Mallard (2), Great Black-backed Gull (1), Ring-billed Gull (1), Mourning Dove (4), Downy Woodpecker (4), Hairy Woodpecker (2), Pileated Woodpecker (1), Am. Crow (4), B.C. Chickadee (15), White-breasted Nuthatch (3), Bohemian Waxwing (5).... at parking lot as we finished Cedar Waxwing (15) same tree..." " " " "Am.Tree Sparrow (30 + )... all over the feeder area !! N. Cardinal (4), House Finch (50 ++ ), Common Redpoll ( 30 + ), Am. Goldfinch ( 10 + )

**Today's owls were the 27th sightings of owls for me, so far this fall /winter season.

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