Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sightings for Sunday February 24th

Hatley: I saw a Gyrfalcon (gray form) (Faucon gerfaut) in a field standing over his prey - a black duck on Chemin Nord, Canton de Hatley. I was able to observe the falcon for acouple of minutes and take some photos. I returned later to take more photos of the remains of the dead duck and interesting traces in the snow. - Sheila MacLean

Repentigny, rue Des Gouverneurs: Great horned owl (Grand-duc d'Amérique) - Richard Prévost - photo

Mirabel, beside autoroute 50 between the 15 and exit 1 to the airport: Snowy owl (Harfang des neige)Daniel Belleisle - photo

Lafontaine, Parc régional de la Rivière du Nord: Belted kingfisher (Martin pêcheur) - Serge Chevalier

Montreal Botanical Gardens: Carolina wren (Troglodyte de Caroline), Hoary redpoll (Sizerin blanchâtre) - Louis Messely

St-Hugues, Domaine Ramsay: Barred owl (Chouette rayée) - Roger Roy

Bouchervill, Parc des Îles de Boucherville: Great gray owl (Chouette lapone) near the canal between the boat rental and the golf course. Also seen - Saw-whet owl (Petite Nyctale), American kestrel (Crécerelle d'Amérique), Herring gull (Goéland argenté) - Michel Bertrand

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