Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bird Protection Quebec's Field Trip Report – February 16th

Hudson: Eight birders braved -22 temperatures and saw 16 species of birds this morning in snowy Hudson. Fortunately the sun shone and there was no wind so birding was fairly comfortable. We spent the morning walking and at one point a furry German Shepherd took over leading but was eventually chased home. It wasn't until late morning that we finally saw the two birds of the day - Bohemian waxwings and Pine grosbeaks. Both species were hungry so everyone got greatlooks at these winter visitors feeding on Buckthorn and cranberries. Thanks to everyone who came out and to Wayne for his help. click photo to enlarge

Barbara MacDuff

The following is the complete list: Great-blacked backed gull 3, Mourning dove 12, Downy woodpecker 2, Hairy woodpecker 3, Blue jay 10, American crow 12, Black-capped chickadee 20, Red-breasted nuthatch 1, White-breasted nuthatch 6, American robin 1. Bohemian waxwing 10, Northern cardinal 6, Pine grosbeak 7, Common redpoll 40, American goldfinch 2, House sparrow 2

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