Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sightings for Saturday November 10th

Deux-Montagnes, on lac des Deux-Montagnes: 2 Long-tailed ducks (M) (Hareldes kakawis), 30+ Common goldeneye (Garrots à oeil d'or), 5 Bufflehead (Petits garrots) - J.C. Charbonnea

Hudson: A flock of a dozen Evening grosbeaks (Gros-bec errant) made a brief appearance here in Hudson this morning. Unfortunately they missed my feeder, only making a short stop toinvestigate some Norway spruce cones before heading off. This was probably thelargest flock I have seen in years. Also had some Pine grosbeaks (Durbec des pins). Can't remember the last time I had both species in the same day. - W. Grubert

Saint-Jean, upstream from the bridge to Île Saite-Thérèse across from Motel Harris: 1500 Common goldeneye (Garrots à oeil d'or), Bufflehead (Petits Garrots), Lesser scaup (Petits Fuligules), Greater scaup (Fuligules milouinans), Common mergansers (Grands Harles), 100+ Hooded mersansers (Harles couronnés), 2 Black scoter (Macreuse noire)
Chambly, downstream from the bridge on rte 112 between Chambly and Richelieu: Barrow’s goldeneye (Garrot d'Islande), 24 Common goldeneye (Garrots à oeil d'or), 3 Bufflehead (Petits Garrots), Canvasback duck (Fuligule à dos blancs), Lesser scaup (Petits Fuligules), Greater scaup (Fuligules milouinans)
Fort-Chambly: Red-breasred mergansers (Harles huppés), Common mergansers (Grands Harles), 4 Hooded mersansers (Harles couronnés)
Chambly basin: Black scoter (Macreuse noire), Ruddy duck (f) (Érismature rousse) - Michel Bertrand & Club d’Ornithologie de Longueuil

Leclercville, on the river: Greater white-fronted goose (Oie rieuse) - Maurice Raymond

Lasalle, Parc des Rapides: 12 American wigeon (Canard d'Amérique), 12 Gadwall (Canard chipeau), 23 Hooded mergansers (Harle couronné), Great blue heron (Grand héron), Mallards (Colverts), Yellowlegs (sp) (chevalier), 3 Common mergansers (f) (Grand harle) - Julie Tremblay

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