Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chukar at the Arboretum

Montreal, Morgan's Arboretum: Saturday morning a CHUKAR came out of the spruce/pine grove at the western edge of the more northern of the two ponds situated on the farm road that travels along the top of the hill which overlooks the Trans Canada. We heard it call first and then watched as it proceeded to saunter along the road towards us, calling almost constantly. Unfortunately it's timing was very bad as there happened to be a group of falconers along the road at the time. One of them had a Harris'Hawk, which saw the Chukar and proceeded after it, but missed! Nevertheless, what goes for a Chukar's life must have flashed before it's eyes. In a moment it was back in the spruce grove. Now if it can avoid the Cooper's and Goshawk! Betsy, have you seen a Chukar at the Arboretum before?

Cheers, Bob


Anonymous said...

I have a Chukar that has taken up residence in my backyard in Hudson since Sunday. Seems to like the bird feeder spill over. I had never seen one of these before, are there many in Quebec?

Bird Sightings from BPQ said...

I don't think there are that many Chukars in Quebec, but there are a couple of reports every year.


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