Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bird Protection Quebec - Hudson Field Trip September 15th

Hudson Field Trip

Eight optimistic birders proved the weather man wrong yesterday in Hudson. The predicted rain held off and the sun was shining by noon. The morning started off slowly bird wise, but we ended up with a surprising 43 species of birds. Bird of the day was the Pileated woodpecker that gave everyone excellent views on two different occasions. We also saw Painted turtles, a Leopard frog and a very large American toad. Our most exciting observation however, and a first for me, were three River otters eyeing us suspiciously from Aird's pond. Here is the complete list of birds seen.

Canada goose 13, Wood duck 1, American black duck 1, Mallard 16, Great blue heron 3, Green heron 1, Turkey vulture 7, Osprey 2, Sharp-shinned hawk 1, Red-tailed hawk 2, American kestrel 1, Lesser yellowlegs 7, Solitary sandpiper 4, Ring-billed gull 30, Great black-backed gull 4, Rock pigeon 2, mourning dove 3, Ruby-throated hummingbird 1, Belted kingfisher 2, Downy woodpecker 1, Hairy woodpecker 1, Northern flicker 6, Pileated woodpecker 3, Eastern phoebe 1, Red-eyed vireo 1, Blue jay 30, American crow 30, Black-capped chickadee 24, Red-breasted nuthatch 1, White-breasted nuthatch 3, American robin 30, Gray catbird 3, Brown thrasher 1, European starling 12, Cedar waxwing 2, Yellow-rumped warbler 1, common yellowthroat 2, Scarlet tanager 1, Chipping sparrow 1, Song sparrow 2, White-throated sparrow 3, Northern cardinal 2, American goldfinch 10

Thanks to everyone who came out and to Wayne for his help.

Barbara MacDuff

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