Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sightings for Sunday February 11th

St-Jean, rue Fernet: Eastern screech owl (petit duc maculé), also seen by the small bridge a Northern pintail (canard pilet), Green-winged teal (sarcelle d'hiver), Sharp-shinned hawk (épervier brun)

St-Hubert, near the airport on chemin de la Savane oppisite the riding school: 3 Gray partridge (perdrix grises)
chemin du Tremblay, near des serres Scardéra: Merlin (faucon émerillon)
Also seen: Red-tailed hawk (buse à queue rousse), Kestrel (crécerelle), Snow buntings (bruant des neiges), 2 Lapland longspurs (bruants lapon) André Provost

St-Roch-de-l'Achigan, rang Ruisseau St-Jean Nord between Autoroute 25 & Mtée Lesage: 3 Snowy owls (Harfangs des neiges)

St-Esprit at the intersection of Rivière Nord & Rivière Sud: Snowy owl (Harfang des neiges)
Patrice Franche et Angèle Gosselin

Between Chambly and Noyan, duck survey: Mallards (Canard colvert) 2627, Black ducks (Canard noir) 275, Common mergansers (Grand Harle) 490, Common goldeneye (Garrot à œil d'or) 57, Canada geese (Bernache du Canada) 13, Hooded mergansers (Harle couronné) 10, Ring-necked duck (Fuligule à collier) 1 male at Chambly
Other species of interest: 2 Tufted titmouse (Mésanges bicolores), Carolina wren (Troglodyte de Caroline) on rue du Richelieu, Chambly.
Iberville: Cooper’s hawk (Épervier de Cooper)

Noyan, on les rangs near the border: Lapland longspurs (Bruants lapons), Horned larks (Alouettes hausse-col), Snow buntings (Bruants des neiges). Also 20 Wild turkeys (Dindons sauvages), 7 Cardinals (Cardinaux rouges) at a feeder in Noyan.
Many Red-tailed hawks (Buses à queue rousse) seen on route. Pierre Bannon

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