Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sightings for Saturday February 10th

Verdun & LaSalle: Bald eagle (Pygargue à tête blanche) perched in a tree on the end of Heron Island. In the center of the Island a Red-tailed hawk (Buse à queue rousse). Crossing the river between Heron Island and Lasalle were many American robins (Merles d'Amérique), also seen Common goldeneye (Garrots à œil d'or), Common mergansers (Grands Harles), downstream from Rock Island Gadwalls (Canards chipeaux), 46 Canada geese (Bernaches du Canada), 3 Hooded mergansers (Harles couronnés), Mallards and Black ducks (Canards Colverts et des noirs) Pierre Bannon

Laval, autoroute 15 North - boulevard Sainte-Rose exit, perched in a tree: Red-shouldered hawk (Buse à Épaulettes) Louise Simard

Mirabel, rang Saint-Dominique: Snowy owl (Harfang des neiges) M. Groulx & members of COC

Bedford area: 25 species (espèces) including, 22 wild turkeys (dindons sauvages) in a field with 11 deer (chevreuils). 1 Rusty blackbird (quiscale rouilleux), 4 Red-winged blackbirds (carouges à épaulettes), 10 Cowbirds (vachers à tête brune), 1 American robin (merle d’Amérique), 3 Northern shrike (pies-grièches grises), red-breasted nuthatch (sittelle à poitrine rousse) Diane Demers

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