Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Fall Warbler Walk Report, Wednesday September 9

Here is a recap of this morning's BPQ's Fall Warbler Walks (#4 ) at l'Ile de la Visitation.

An impressive group of 34 people with a international flavor (England, USA, Belgium, California, Alberta 'et la belle province'). As expected with this weather (SW winds, humid, etc.) this wasn't a good morning for warblers (only 5 species) and only 35 species were seen by the group. The birds were not active and this wasn't due to my large very concentrated and discipline group, but rather the weather conditions we've been having the pass few weeks (slow fall migration). The good news finally, a new weather system is moving in for the week-end so it should bring in new species and more birds in the park.

Birds of the morning were male Wood Ducks with their new 'fall plumage', Tanager, Black-crowned Night-Herons & Northern Parula (2). No doubt the Great Blue Heron talking a shower in the falls was a 'jealous' highlight for the group (we all wished to be in falls with him, with this heatwave).

Thank you to all who came and who endured this heat & calm morning. Let's hope the best is yet to come or maybe this is the calm before our 'Warbler attacks' return on the island. Joël Coutu

The next BPQ Fall Warbler Walks will be next Wednesday morning & next Saturday (19th).

35 species: 60 Canada Goose, 5 American Black Duck, 16 Mallard, 1 Hooded Merganser, 3 Double-crested Cormorant, 3 Great Blue Heron, 4 Black-crowned Night-Heron, 1 Cooper's Hawk, 24 Ring-billed Gull, 2 Herring Gull, 1 Great Black-backed Gull, 3 Rock Pigeon, 2 Belted Kingfisher, 2 Downy Woodpecker, 1 Hairy Woodpecker, 3 Northern Flicker, 4 Warbling Vireo, 2 Red-eyed Vireo, 2 Blue Jay, 1 American Crow, 6 Black-capped Chickadee, 4 White-breasted Nuthatch, 3 American Robin, 2 Gray Catbird, 2 Cedar Waxwing, 3 American Redstart, 2 Northern Parula, 2 Magnolia Warbler, 1 Blackpoll Warbler, 1 Wilson's Warbler, 2 Chipping Sparrow, 1 Song Sparrow, 1 Scarlet Tanager, 4 Northern Cardinal, 4 American Goldfinch

35 espèces: 60 Bernache du Canada, 5 Canard noir, 16 Canard colvert, 1 Harle couronné, 3 Cormoran à aigrettes, 3 Grand héron, 4 Bihoreau gris, 1 Épervier de Cooper, 24 Goéland à bec cerclé, 2 Goéland argenté, 1 Goéland marin, 3 Pigeon biset, 2 Martin-pêcheur d'Amérique, 2 Pic mineur, 1 Pic chevelu, 3 Pic flamboyant, 4 Viréo mélodieux, 2 Viréo aux yeux rouges, 2 Geai bleu, 1 Corneille d'Amérique, 6 Mésange à tête noire, 4 Sittelle à poitrine blanche, 3 Merle d'Amérique, 2 Moqueur chat, 2 Jaseur d'Amérique, 3 Paruline flamboyante, 2 Paruline à collier, 2 Paruline à tête cendrée, 1 Paruline rayée, 1 Paruline à calotte noire, 2 Bruant familier, 1 Bruant chanteur, 1 Tangara écarlate, 4 Cardinal rouge, 4 Chardonneret jaune

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