Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Aigrette garzette (Little Egret)

Depuis le 2 juin dernier, une Aigrette garzette (Little Egret) a été localisée dans la région d'Ottawa, d'abord à Carp, puis à Kanata (info site ontarien).
Hier soir, l'oiseau a été aperçue à Gatineau, sur l'Île Conroy, où se trouve une colonie de Goélands à bec cercé.
Conroy Island is in Quebec. The rookery (several pairs of Great Egret, many Black-crowned Night Heron and DC Cormorant, a multitude of RB Gull) is best viewed from Deschennes in QC. Easy to get to; take the Champlain Bridge to the QC side, turn left on Alymer Road. After a few kilometers turn left on Vanier Road, proceed all the way to the end of Vanier Road where it overlooks the Deschennes Rapids. There is parking here. From there walk approx. 100 meters to your left along the bike path (beware of fast moving bikes) to a view point over the islands (there is a guard rail with a sign that helpfully suggests one not swim in the rapids).
Quelle direction va-t-elle prendre ce matin...? - Raymond Belhumeur

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