Friday, August 01, 2014

NOTE RE: tomorrow's field trip to Parc Nature Pointe des Cascades:

Regarding tomorrow's field trip to Pointe des Cascades, a few people contacted me to let me know that there is generally a charge, perhaps as much as $10 per person, to enter the park. I had heard about this recently, but prior to choosing the destination I called the town of Pointe des Cascades to confirm whether or not there was a fee to enter the park.
I told them that we were a group from Bird Protection Quebec who wanted to visit the park on Saturday to look at the birds. The lady from the town told me that there would not have to pay a fee to enter the park. I don't know if this is exceptional; it seems like it might be though. If it is, then you can benefit by joining us tomorrow morning on the field trip! Let's hope the message from the town is communicated to whoever may be in charge at the park on Saturday morning. - Sheldon Harvey

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