Sunday, August 03, 2014

Bird Protection Quebec, Summer Series 2014 - Field trip #5 Report

A warm and hazy day greeted 14 birders on today's Summer Series field trip to Parc Nature Pointe des Cascades. Everyone remarked that it's surprising that we don't hear much in the birding world about this park. It has a great mix of habitats; marsh, waterfront, rapids, wooded trails, all nicely laid out in an easy-to-follow route throughout the park. This looks like a spot that should be explored in the early spring and particularly during migration period.

It is also a nice historic site, situated at the mouth of the Soulanges Canal. There is an excellent trail to follow along the top of the canal itself where you can get a good look at the old stone walls and the old wood and steel gates to the locks that have long been out of service. There is also a very old lighthouse at the entrance to the canal which cliff swallows have adopted as a nesting area.

Unfortunately a few areas in the park are being used by fishermen as well as party-animal types who have left behind burnt-out campfire sites and large amounts of garbage. However the majority of the park is very well maintained and a few spots offer very scenic views of the surrounding waterways.

So, on to our field trip results. We finished the morning with a total of 43 species. There was evidence of breeding birds using the park as many young birds, particularly large numbers of cedar waxwings and yellow warblers, were seen in many locations. Here is today's list. Thanks to all the participants who turned out today. It was a fun morning. - Sheldon Harvey

Canada Goose 5, Mallard 6, Double Crested-Cormorant 8, Great Blue Heron 2, Green Heron 1, Osprey 1, Merlin 1, Spotted Sandpiper 4, Ring-billed Gull 25, Herring Gull 1, Caspian Tern 1, Common Tern 24, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 2, Downy Woodpecker 2, Hairy Woodpecker 1, Northern Flicker 6, Pileated Woodpecker 1, Flycatcher Species 5 (in a group), Eastern Kingbird 6, Warbling Vireo 2, Red-eyed Vireo 2, Blue Jay 2, American Crow 2, Tree Swallow 8, Cliff Swallow 3, Barn Swallow 12, Black-capped Chickadee 8, White-breasted Nuthatch 2, American Robin 36, Gray Catbird 6, European Starling 30, Cedar Waxwing 50, Nashville Warbler 1, Yellow Warbler 45, Yellow-rumped Warbler 1, Song Sparrow 25, Swamp Sparrow 1, Northern Cardinal 2, Red-winged Blackbird 12, Common Grackle 10, Baltimore Oriole 2, American Goldfinch 15, House Sparrow 1

Bernache du Canada 5, Canard colvert 6, Cormoran à aigrettes 8, Grand Héron 2, Héron vert 1, Balbuzard pêcheur 1, Faucon émerillon 1, Chevalier grivelé 4, Goéland à bec cerclé 25, Goéland argenté 1, Sterne caspienne 1, Sterne pierregarin 24, Pic maculé 2, Pic mineur 2, Pic chevelu 1, Pic flamboyant 6, Grand Pic 1, Moucherolle espèces 5 (dans un groupe), Tyran tritri 6, Viréo mélodieux 2, Viréo aux yeux rouges 2, Geai bleu 2, Corneille d'Amérique 2, Hirondelle bicolore 8, Hirondelle à front blanc 3, Hirondelle rustique 12, Mésange à tête noire 8, Sittelle à poitrine blanche 2, Merle d'Amérique 36, Moqueur chat 6, Étourneau sansonnet 30, Jaseur d'Amérique 50, Paruline à joues grises 1, Paruline jaune 45 , Paruline à croupion jaune 1, Bruant chanteur 25, Bruant des marais 1, Cardinal rouge 2, Carouge à épaulettes 12, Quiscale bronzé 10, Oriole de Baltimore 2, Chardonneret jaune 15, Moineau domestique 1

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