Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sightings for Sunday May 10

Longueuil, parc Michel-Chartrand: Whip-poor-will (Engoulevent bois-pourri) PHOTONormand Tétreault, Samuel Denault
This is not exactly a bird-sighting, but related. This morning, in the Westmount Summit woods, I noted some triumphant individual(s) have bravely destroyed the Eastern Phoebes' nest on the little bird i.d. sheltered poster, and have proudly displayed their twig-encrusted bludgeon of destruction as a testament to their victory.
Other than that, two and a half hours of eerily silent woods.  Nary a cheep, a peep, or a dee-dee-dee!
(Has anyone any comment on birding in this location since the end of April? I'd been going regularly from February through April, and while a BIT quiet, it was not alarmingly so.) - Ian Turner

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