Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sightings for Sunday December 29

Found 3 Snowy Owls (Harfang des neiges) between Mercier and Ormstown one on rte 138 just outside Mercier.  One in Ste-Martine on chemin Riviere des Feves N, and the other on rang du 30 near rte 226. - Tom Long
Montréal: Today at the Botanical Garden between feeder one and feeder two underneath some sort of large evergreen: 6 Northern Cardinal (3 male, 3 female); 2 White-throated Sparrow; 1 (maybe 2) Fox Sparrow.  Also house finches and chickadees (6 Cardinal rouge (3 mâle, 3 femelle); 2 Bruant à gorge blanche; 1 (peut-être 2) Bruant fauve. Aussi Roselins familiers et les Mésanges)Mike and Doris Bristol

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