Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sightings for Saturday December 21

Verdun - During Montreal Bird Count, bird of the day was a Peregrine Falcon (faucon pèlerin) perched high on Centre D'Hebergement Du Manoir-de-Verdun. Possibly a regular perch. Also saw a Merlin (faucon émierillon) hunting across on Nun's Island, and 6 Brown Creepers (grimpereau brun) along the river. - Mike and Nicki Fleming


Richard said...
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Richard said...

It looks like Polly, the female
Peregrine Falcon of the Turcot
interchange couple.

Did you notice any band on
the legs of the falcon or
a certain handicap on the
right leg ?

Richard D.

Nicki said...

Hi Richard,

We only saw the bird perched. She was sitting normally but barely moved while we had our eyes/scopes on her so it's hard to say. It was quite cold so her feathers were fluffed up around her legs. She left while we up the block so we did not see her take off or flying. She did have a very rusty hue to her breast feathers if that is any help.


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